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How Positive Team Culture Can Enhance Confidence: Insights from Crosspool FC Player, Elle

Updated: Feb 16

In the dynamic world of sports, particularly football, the significance of a positive team environment cannot be overstated. Beyond the tactical drills and physical conditioning, it is the camaraderie, encouragement, and support within a team that fosters personal growth and development, especially for the younger players in football.

Growing up in positive team environments in football can help boost players confidence through support from teammates/coaches. Confidence is a vital part of a players development and enjoyment in football, as having low confidence could cause a player to underperform and begin to lose enjoyment for the game. Encouragement can be shown in a team through cheering on your team mates, helping players who lack in confidence, and helping players improve from mistakes. Being involved in the success of fellow teammates can also boost a players confidence as it evokes the reactions of ‘if they can do it, I can do it’ showing how encouragement from teammates can help a player believe in their own abilities and achieve new goals in their game.  

Elle plays for both Crosspool FC U18's and the new open age Ladies's team. After facing both physical and mental set backs in football, she has kindly taken the time to speak about her positive experiences with building confidence at Crosspool FC.


How long have you been playing football?

"I have been playing football for 11 going on 12 years since I was 6, where I first joined a boys team as there was no local girls team for me. This however did not impact my enjoyment even though I was not treated the same as the boys, I was just so excited to learn how to play football and be a part of a team"

What is your favourite thing about playing for Crosspool FC U18/Ladies?

"My favourite thing about playing for both the U18’s and the Ladies team is that they both encourage you to achieve your goals, which helps you grow in confidence. For example pre-season with the U18’s consisted of bleep tests and timed laps on an athletics field. The whole team and both coaches took part in these fitness tests every week and saw each other's improvements. Everyone encouraged everyone to give them the boost they need to push their fitness which will help the team as a whole in games. The ladies team made me feel very welcome during pre-season with me being quite a bit younger than the other players, and made me feel part of the team, where my confidence grew within training and games."

How has playing for these teams positively impacted your personal growth and development?

"When I joined Crosspool my confidence was very low and I wasn't performing to my potential due to being played out of position at my old team. The encouragement and respect I got from the players and coaches instantly made me feel comfortable and more confident than I had felt in years of playing. I have always been an attacking player but when playing at my old team I only scored 4 goals over 3 seasons which compared to 20-30 a season at my first girls team was very low. Since I joined Crosspool I gained the confidence and mindset to start shooting more again and scored numerous goals for both the U18’s and the Ladies team; where in pre-season I was the top goal scorer for the Ladies team over the few friendlies that the team played. This club has made me grow and develop as a player and push to new limits in games and training."

Who are your role models in football?

"My main role model in football is Vivianne Miedema who is a striker for Arsenal WFC. I have been a fan of Vivianne for a while due to how good of a player she is and also how she talks about mental health and how important it is within football. I am also inspired by Vivianne Miedema as in November I ruptured my Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) which is an injury that keeps you out of football for a minimum of 9 months; Vivianne Miedema has recently returned to football since she suffered with the same injury. This has allowed me to look up to her as a player even more as she recovered from the same injury and returned to football. This gives me confidence and helps me stay positive that I will recover over the next year and return to football."

How do you see yourself contributing to the future success and growth of Crosspool FC as a player and potentially as a coach in the future?

"I am currently doing my FA Level 1 coaching badge which will allow me to coach a team. When I have reached a good place in my recovery I am hoping to start helping coach a younger Crosspool team where I can contribute to the success of the club. I also want to help build the confidence of young players as it is very important in the early years of football as it allows the player to develop and grow while playing. In the future I am hoping to complete more coaching qualifications to gain more experience that I can use to help the team I am coaching. I am also looking forward to being allowed back to play following my ACL surgery and recovery (which has seen me lose out on playing my last season in youth football), so to return to the Ladies team with the girls who have been supporting and encouraging me during my rehab is what I am looking forward to the most."

Thank you Elle for sharing insights on how supportive environments foster a sense of belonging and empowerment among players, Crosspool FC is lucky to have you at the club.

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